The Price of Justice

Publisher: Endeavour Press, 2016
Language: English
Edition: First Edition

“Just about perfect… must reading for fans of courtroom drama” – Kirkus Reviews

“Vincent Green has the literary and legal skill to make both the German POWs' actions and the American Army lawyer' tactics come to life." John Casey, winner of the 1989 National Book Award

"A thrilling legal mystery" - Tom Casey, bestselling author of Trade Off

Rated #1 in Legal Thrillers on Amazon's Best Sellers List

The Price of Justice
By Vincent S Green

The Price of Victory

Publisher: Walker And Company, New York, New York 1992
Language: English
Binding: Hard Cover
Edition: First Edition
ISBN Number: 0802712002 / 9780802712004

Starred Review From Kirkus Reviews
In this crackerjack first novel of military justice--in and out of the courtroom--Capt. Jack Hayes, assigned to defend Sgt. Billy Frazier on charges of massive drug selling, probes patiently for the weak links in the prosecution's case: the alleged Amsterdam connection denies knowing Frazier; one of the Army's two witnesses against Frazier, an admitted dealer who's testifying for a reduced sentence, gets blown up before he can take the stand; and the surviving witness, Lt. Robert McCormick, is a pumped-up soldier of fortune, a stone killer already doing 99 years for simulating a terrorist attack (with real bombs and bullets) in order to prep his men for war with Russia. Jack realizes his case won't be won on the evidence, though, but on the whims of the skeptical jury and the rulings and interpretations of Judge DiMarco (dubbed ``the Whopper'' for his gigantic sentences); and he doesn't foresee a rebuttal witness who can trash his defense in ten minutes, a witness who'll force him to a strategy that could land him in jail along with his client. Just about perfect in its control of the ebb and flow of each scene, and of Jack's conduct of the case as a whole: must reading for fans of courtroom drama. -- Copyright 1992, Kirkus Associates, LP.

Starred Review From Publishers Weekly
With the intensity of The Caine Mutiny , this dramatic first novel by a former Army lawyer depicts the court- martial of a career soldier brought up on charges of drug dealing. Billy Frazier, a Special Forces hero who has taken an administrative posting in Germany in an attempt to save his marriage, is accused of smuggling and selling hashish, offenses punishable by up to 40 years in Leavenworth prison. Frazier, who maintains he is being framed, asks Jack Hayes to defend him. Hayes, long pestered by his wife to join her father's corporate law firm, has remained a military lawyer because he hates the idea of "defending big insurance companies." Hayes survives a visit with Frazier's alleged source, who lives in a section of Amsterdam where even the police are reluctant to venture, but still must come up with a defense that will impress the hard-line judge, known as the Whopper for the size of his sentences. Although Frazier's main accuser is jailed on charges of robbing an Army payroll vault, the judge disallows a vital piece of evidence for the defense; then the prosecution turns over a high card that Hayes can't beat except by stretching the limits of his and his profession's ethical code. Unlike Wouk's military courtroom classic, this taut debut closes with a shattering surprise.

The Price of Victory: A Novel
By Vincent S. Green

Extreme Justice

Publisher: Pocket Books (Mm) (October 1995) 
Language: English
Paperback: 256 pages
ISBN 0-671-79906-1

Describes the true story behind the 1943 murder of Corporal Johannes Kunze, recounting the events that led to his death by his fellow prisoners and the trial and conviction of the five men who were responsible.

"Great history...EXTREME JUSTICE reads like a classic Clancy novel but unfortunately it true.  Brilliant." Colonel David H. Hackworth, USA (Ret.) New York Times bestselling author of About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior.

"EXTREME JUSTICE is history that reads like the best legal thrillers.  This is one of the last untold stories of World War II--it demands to be read."  Gerry Spence, New York Times bestselling author of How to Argue and Win Every Time.

"EXTREME JUSTICE is a gripping account of a fascinating and troubling murder case.  Vincent Green has the literary and legal skill to make both the German POWs' actions and the American Army lawyer' tactics come to life."  John Casey, winner of the 1989 National Book Award for Spartina.

Extreme Justice
By Vincent Green